HELP Cosmic Censuses Meeting 2017

DATES: Mon 9th Oct - Fri 13th Oct 2017

LOCATION: University of Sussex, UK

Many international observatories have been conducting surveys of the extragalactic sky at many wavelengths. Such surveys now cover 100s or 1000s of square degrees at depths sufficient to detect many different astrophysical phenomena through most of cosmic time and over volumes sufficient to provide detailed statistics, probing representative environments and to detect rare and transitory phenomena. This meeting is organised by the Herschel Extragalactic Project (HELP) who are assembling data and tools to analyse data over the ~1200 deg^2 footprint of the Herschel surveys.

This workshop will explore the key scientific questions that can be addressed by these surveys.

  • The evolution of galaxy populations and their primary components (gas, stars, dust and active nuclei)
  • The influence of the internal and external environment on the evolution of the systems
  • Exotica (extreme starbursts, lensed galaxies, high-z radio galaxies)
  • Building the tools to handle (evolving) multiwavelength data (SED models, deconvolution & multi-wavelength catalogs)
  • Building the next generation panchromatic survey (larger area, new instruments)

The intention will be to have a meeting format that is conducive to discussion and practical interaction.


We will share slides and presentations from the meeting. As the slides become available they will be linked from the relevant session entry in the online agenda.

For further details or questions please contact Louise Winters at

Scientific Organising Committee: Simon Driver, Brent Groves, Mark Lacy, Göran Pilbratt, Mara Salvato, Peter Hurley, Kenneth Duncan, Mattia Vaccari, Seb Oliver,